Welcome To Nanobioscience Group

Nanobioscience group was established in 2007 as a spin-off of the erstwhile ‘Metal-Microbe Interactions’ group of the Microbial Sciences Division. In an effort to seek an answer to a rather unpretentious question ‘do metal-interacting microbes synthesize nanoparticles?’ the group pioneered a new approach for the synthesis of metal-based nanomaterials, viz. ‘Materials Science and Engineering through Microbiology’. Eventually concerted efforts were made to develop a strong research program on Nanobioscience in the Institute covering an entire gamut of the subject. Our research interests range from nanomaterials syntheses & characterization to development of products, miniaturization of devices and understanding various biological phenomena; all directed to the ultimate goal of improving human health, agriculture and environment.

The group has multidisciplinary expertise in areas such as microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, virology, physics and chemistry.