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Name : Dr. Jyutika Rajwade

Designation : Scientist – F

Brief Background :

After completing Master’s in Industrial Microbiology, I joined MACS for doctoral studies and worked on metal-microbe interactions. After doctoral studies, I worked as a CSIR research associate in ARI and teaching research associate at Department of Biotechnology, Pune University. For the past 13 years I am working as a research scientist in the Nanobioscience group. I have worked in applications of Microbiology, Biotechnology in Nanobioscience. Working with Ph.D scholars has led to research publications in scientific journals of international repute.

Contact Details :


  • B.Sc. (1989) Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology
  • M.Sc (1991) Microbiology
  • Ph.D (1997) Microbiology

My research deals with applications of nanomaterials in various fields. Metals-based nanoparticles were explored for their antimicrobial activity for achieving control of bacterial pathogens. Effects of silver nanoparticles on bacterial biofilms was studied at the transcriptome level. For early detection of diseases in aquaculture, lateral flow assay platform was developed and validated for detection of white spot syndrome virus, Macrobrachiumrosenbergiinodavirus. For detection of Vibriosis, chromogenic immunosensor is under development. Several biomolecules are being explored as biorecognition elements in the development of diagnostics. Naturally occurring polymeric nanostructures specifically bacterial cellulose is being explored for applications in nanobiotechnology.As part of applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, the potential of nanomaterials as micronutrient delivery systems and also as carriers for protein antigens for oral vaccination in aquaculture.

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