Name : Vaibhav Madiwal

Designation : Ph.D Student

Brief Background :

I am Vaibhav Madiwal, I belongs to Kolhapur city in Maharashtra. I have completed my B.Sc. in Industrial Microbiology and M.Sc. in and Microbiology from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. After completion of my post-graduation

I joined Lupin Pharmaceuticals in fermentation department. I worked there for 2.5 years and resigned. After this I prepared for NET/SET examinations and qualified both the exam in 2016. Then I joined the Agharkar Research Institute for PhD under the guidance of Dr. K. M. Paknikar and Dr. J. M. Rajwade at Nanobioscience group.

Topic of my Ph.D is nanoscale surface modification of dental materials for preventing implant related failure.

Contact Details :

  • M. Sc. Microbiology, 2012, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • MH-SET

Dental implants have proven to be the best treatment policy available for the replacement lost teeth.It restores patient’s masticatory activity, phonation property, face shape and self-confidence. Dental implants have high success rate (95 %) but rate of implant failure in patient with compromised health conditions increases drastically.

Bacterial contamination of implant impedes the osseointegration process which results in increased rate of implant failure and poses heavy economical, physical, social burden on the patient. Therefore, modern dental implantology research focus on designing of implants with antibacterial and osseointegrative properties. We are working on nanoscale surface modification of dental implants using sputter deposition technology. The modified implants are tested for antibacterial activity against the oral pathogens responsible for causing peri-implantitis.

I am also studying the effect of modified implants on the expression of osteogenic marker genes. Such modified implants would further improve the rate of implant success in normal as well as compromised health conditions.