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Name : Dr. Pratibha
Designation : DST INSPIRE Faculty (March 2022- Present)

Brief Background :

  • Postdoctoral Research, University of Konstanz, Germany (2019-2021)
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, IIT Kanpur (2018)

Contact Details :

  • Postdoctoral Research, University of Konstanz, Germany (2019-2021)
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, IIT Kanpur (2018)

Research in nucleic acid chemistry plays a critical role in understanding fundamental biological processes, developing diagnostic tools, and designing therapeutic interventions. Here are some of my research interests in nucleic acid chemistry:

  1. Functional nucleoside analogs and nucleic acids 
  2. DNA nanotechnology: DNA functionalized nanoparticles 
  3. Nucleic acid-protein interactions
  4. Nucleic acid-based diagnostics

Depending on your specific background, skills, and interests, you can explore various aspects of nucleic acid chemistry and contribute to advancing our understanding of these essential molecules in chemical biology.

Please feel free to  contact me if you are interested in a PhD or graduate project in our group.

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