Dr Tushar Kaushik

Name : Devyani Sengar

Designation : Ph.D. scholar (DST INSPIRE – JRF)

Brief Background :

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Life Science from Ramjas College, Delhi University, and my Master’s in Biotechnology from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.  I worked as a research trainee in CRI Lab ACTREC, Mumbai, under the guidance of Dr. Ujjwala Warawdekar on the role of cell communication proteins and ECM proteins and their efficacy in cancer therapy. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Biotechnology under the guidance of Dr. Virendra Gajbhiye at Nanobioscience Group, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune.

Contact Details :

siRNA based gene silencing, nanotechnology, nanotechnology and cancer biology. Currently, we are working on multilayered and multifunctional nanoparticle mediated siRNA delivery for gene silencing in cancer.