Institutional Repository (DMS)

AS per the guidelines of DBT/DST open access policy the Library and Information Centre is in process of establishing institutional open access repository (“IR”) for its research papers and review articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

How to login to ARI institutional repository –

  1. Click on the given link SmartDMS – Document Management System (
  2. You need to click on the link “ARI Institutional Repository” to get access to the database of ARI Research Publications.
  3. The Home page of “ARI Institutional Repository” will get displayed as shown below.
Institutional Repository
  • Please enter the Login: guest and Password : guest123
  • Select the option “ARI Research Publications” to search the Institutional Repository.
  • Select the desired keyword like author, year, title etc. to search the IR.
  • A list of research papers with bibliographic details will be displayed.
  • Browse the research papers as displayed on the screen.
  • Select the down load option to get a pdf copy of the article, if available. Otherwise, send reprint request to
  • Advanced search option is available for more precise and accurate results.
  • You can select “Log Out” to come out of IR system

For any information regarding “Institutional Repository” email to