Information Services / Technology

The Library offers Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Current Awareness Service (CAS), Reference Service, and Inter-library-loan. It brings out article alert list every month. Newspaper clippings on various topics of scientific interest are regularly displayed and circulated. It brings out list of additions every month and cumulative list annually. It provides information regarding forthcoming conferences, seminars, symposia. It also helps the scientists in planning and carrying out online search of scientific information. The Library complies bibliographies on various subjects, review articles, and cumulative subject index of articles. An up to date bibliographical list of MACS-ARI research papers, published since 1946, has been compiled and published by the Library.

The main objective of Library and Information Centre is to strengthen its documentation and information dissemination services with the help of computer. The use of computers in Library started in the year 1991 with the aim to develop various bibliographic databases useful to the scientists. The E-mail service was set up in the year 1995 to facilitate and expedite scientific communication. Subsequently, the Internet facility was set up in the year 1999 to provide access to scientific literature available on the internet. The website of the Institute ( was developed and launched in the same year. It is maintained by the library. Broadband connection of 1 Mbps bandwidth has been set up in the year 2006 to provide faster access to Internet. Computer systems are installed in the reading hall of the library to provide broadband internet facility.

The computerization of Library started in the year 1991. Presently, there are dedicated computers to carry each function of the Library separately. All the computers in the Library are connected to form internal library network, which is also a part of main LAN of the institute. Windows version of the library software is available to provide a web-based platform.

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