Drug Authentication

In the last few decades, investigation of herbal drugs has become an important area in pre-clinical, clinical and pharmaceutical research. We, at Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, provide facility for authentication and voucher deposition of botanical drug samples. This facility is offered at nominal charges for academic purpose to researchers, pharmacy and ayurvedic colleges, clinical research units and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, as part of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), peer reviewed journals expect authentication as well as voucher number in manuscripts for herbal samples used in the studies.

To identify unknowm sample; taxonomical tools for complete herbarium sample and pharmacognostic tools for plant parts are used. The steps involved in authentication are organoleptic, taxonomic, macroscopic and microscopic studies, powder analysis and in some cases, thin layer chromatography study for confirmation. The authenticated sample is kept in the archives for a year only.

The following guidelines are suggested for availing of the authentication facility of crude drugs:

Sample must be free from foreign materials and infection.

As far as possible, the sample should be mounted on the herbarium sheet with flowering or fruiting.

For plant part authentication, dry sample (plant part or in sliced form) ≥100 g is required.

Documentation of scientific and local name if known, sample size, collector’s name, name of the institution, date of collection, location (Global Positioning System can record altitude, latitude), status (vegetative/flowering/fruiting), and any special features as on fresh samples (colour, typical odour, exudations) may help in authentication.

Data to be furnished along with market sample, market name, date and name of purchaser.

This service is exclusively on request for academic purpose and internal use only.

Contact E-mail: crudedrug@aripune.org

Please Click here to download datasheet for drug authentication

Authentication charges for Non-profit organization are Rs. 500/- + 18% GST = Rs. 590/sample

Authentication charges for Commercial organization are Rs. 3000/- + 18% GST = Rs. 3540/sample

Place the order through Sophisticated Analytical Instrument facility and the pay the charges through online SBI collect.