Contract Research

Institute renders the contractual research services to the agri based industries through the product testing consultancy services, which help generate the scientific database of their products for further release and registration purpose. Similarly, quality breeder seed production of the soybean and wheat crops as mandate, institute undertake the contractual breeder seed production programme on farmers field under the supervision of the breeder and crop production scientist.

a)     Contract Research under ARI Technical Services:

MACS ARI Pune offers contract research services to private agri based industries under the consultancy services for the efficacy evaluation of their products on Soybean, Wheat and other field crops.

Efficacy evaluation of Folhatop on Soybean (ICL India Pvt. Ltd. Pune)

Efficacy evaluation of Folhatop on Soybean (ICL India Pvt. Ltd. Pune)

Response of NP 24:24:0 fertilizer grade to Tomato crop (Smartchem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune)

b)   Contractual Breeder Seed Production Programme:

In order to produce and supply the sufficient quantity of breeder seed of newly developed and released soybean and wheat varieties to seed multiplying agencies viz., NSC, SSC, FPO’s, SHG’s, KVK’s etc.,  institute undertakes the contractual soybean and wheat breeder seed production on farmers field.

Contractual Soybean Breeder seed production plot on farmers field