Name : Ms. Sneha Subhash Lad

Designation : Laboratory Assistant – C

Job Description :

NFCCI: Receipt, verification, preservation, maintenance and accession of cultures. It also includes microscopic slide preparation for observation and identification of fungi and preparation of various nutrient media, sterilization, pouring and plugging. She supervises cleaning and maintenance of laboratory, and autoclaving of glass wares/plasticwares on regular basis.

Fungal Identification Services: Provides assistance for morphological identification of fungal cultures to Scientists, also includes analysis for TVC/CFU, deposition and accession of fungal culture. Fungal strains are supplied to academia, research institutions and industries by her. Report typing, data entry, voucher preparation and filing of necessary documents like authority letter, data-sheets, payment receipts, invoice etc.

Human Resource Development: Provides assistance in laboratory preparations for individuals under workshop/certificate courses as per requirement by concerned Scientist and organizing workshop/field trips/collection trip for participants of national workshop.

Contact Details :

  • Bachelor of Science(Microbiology) Mumbai University, Maharashtra.

  • Hyde KD…. Sneha Lad, ….  Rajeshkumar KC…et al. 2020. Fungal diversity notes 1151–1276: Taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa. Fungal Diversity. 100: 5–277 (Revision of family Tetraplosphaeriaceae by addition of five new species from India)
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  • Nikhil Ashtekar*, Sneha Lad, SK Singh, Rajeshkumar KC. 2018. Studies on Phylogenetic Complexities of Indian Penicillium. International Symposium on Fungal Biology: Advances, Applications and Conservation & 45th Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India (MSI) during 19th – 21st November 2018; organized by NFCCI, ARI, Pune, pp 61.
  • Rajeshkumar KC, Marathe SD, Sneha S. Lad, Maurya DK, Singh SK, Swami SV. 2016. Rediscovery of  Penicillium paradoxum (Ascomycete: Aspergillaceae) from Maharashtra, India. Journal of Threatened  Taxa. 8919–8922. DOI:10.11609/joft.2569.8.6.8919-892.

She completed course on Hindi Praveen Exam conducted by Central Hindi Training Institute- Department of Official Language- MHA on 31st December 2019