Name : Shailesh Waghmare

Designation : Laboratory Assistant – C

Job Description :

Laboratory Documentation

  • Maintaining / Up-dating / Record Keeping of all the work related to lab documentation
  • Processing all types of official documents
  • Submitting / Bringing letters, documents etc.
  • Communicating: Requests (wrote note / mailed) &/or follow-ups (by mail / telephonically)
  • Computer Data entry & Printing work as per evident in the computer records
  • Miscellaneous lab documentation work
  • Documentation related or Any other type of work told by Scientists

Laboratory Management

  • Bio-hazard waste disposal management
  • Management of local purchase and procurement of commonly required lab-ware’s, its surfing, quotation analysis, raising requisition, material follow-up, Issuing & work space management for its storing & stocking
  • Managing Group activities & Supervising all about lab cleanliness, lab maintenance, record tracing, searching misplaced things, enquiring lab-ware damage etc.
  • Miscellaneous lab management work
  • Any other type of lab management related work told by Scientists

Scientific Assistance

  • Routine microbiology & sub- culturing work
  • Experimental work assigned by Scientist
  • Routine Instrumental duty assigned for AAS & XRD Sample analysis
  • Other institute’s Nanoparticle Sample Analysis / Characterisation / Testing
  • Miscellaneous Scientific Assistance work
  • Represented ARI during National Science day

Contact Details :


  • M.Sc. (Microbiology) + Post Graduate Diploma in Computational Biology
Publication: In the journal Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, the title of the paper is “Implications of microbial thiosulfate utilization in red clay sediments of the Central Indian Basin – The Martian Analogy,” this is my first official publication for assisting the Scientist in his work.

Award : Got our Institute’s Sukhatme Award for Best Employee


Achievement : Assisting Scientist’s In COVID-19 Testing & Data Entry Related Work