Name : Anuja Deshpande

Designation : Technical Assistant B

Job Description :

Study of molecular aspects of
• Biotic and Abiotic stress on wheat
• Biofortification of Wheat by improvement in Iron, Zinc and Yellow pigment content.
• Study and analysis of Protein components of wheat.
Conducting and supporting scientific
investigations and experiments.
Maintaining, Calibrating the equipments
Providing technical support in data
collection and maintenance of scientific experiments.
Ordering and Maintaining of laboratory
material and resources
Physical verification of furniture, dead stock, and equipment in the department

Contact Details :

  • MSc Biotechnology

Ravindra Patil, Manoj Oak, Anuja
Deshpande, Shubhada Tamhankar (2018)
Development of a robust marker for
Psy-1 homoeologs and its application in
improvement of yellow pigment content
in durum wheat. Molecular Breeding,