Name : Visghneshwaran Anbukkarasu

Designation : Junior project fellow, Ph.D. student

Brief Background :

I have completed my B.Sc., (Microbiology, 2013-2016) at Sengunthar Arts and Science college and my M.Sc.(Microbiology, 2016-2018) atBharathidasan University. Currently, I am working as a junior project fellow in MoEFCC funded project (2018-2021)to document the diatom diversity of peninsular India.

Contact Details :

  • M. Sc., (Microbiology)

I am interested inunderstanding the diatom community structure of the Western Ghats streams and rivers and I am exploring the possibility of using diatoms as bioindicators to monitor aquatic health. Also, I am associated with many novel taxa discoveries from the Western Ghats region.

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  2. Guiry M. D.; Vigneshwaran, A.; Karthick, B. (2020). Validation and replacement of some diatom names published by H.P.Gandhi. Notulae algarum. 133
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