Dr Tushar Kaushik

Name : Vaishnavi Dixit

Designation : Project JRF (SERB)

Brief Background :

Hi, I am Vaishnavi. I have completed my masters from Abasaheb Garware College Pune. Currently, sI am working in the Department of Biodiversity and Paleobiology under guidance of Dr. Tushar Kaushik. My project funded by SERB (Scientific Engineering and Research Board) pertains to molecular and taxonomic reassessment of genus Ammonia along the coastline of India.

Contact Details :

Currently I am working as a morphological and molecular taxonomist. My interests are working in the field of marine micropaleontology along with bioinformatics. In my work, I would like to strengthen the use of metagenomics (e-DNA) and whole genome sequencing (WGA) as proxies for environmental monitoring.