Name : Suhasini Venkatesan

Designation : PhD Student

Brief Background :

  • CSIR-UGC NET(LS)-Dec 2013\
  • Worked as a Junior Research Fellow in Genetics and Plant Breeding Department from 2014-2017. Project titled “Mapping QTL/genes for resistance to Spot Blotch caused by Bipolarissorokinianain durumwheat.

Contact Details :

  • M.Sc. Biotechnology (SPPU)

Identification of novel alternative dwarfing genes by targeting Gibberellic Acid Biosynthetic pathway through mutagenesis. Present Indian wheat cultivars with semidwarfing genes Rht-1 are not suitable for sowing under stubble-retained conditions due to short coleoptile, poor seedling vigour and slow seedling establishment rate.An EMS-induced mutant population of durum wheat is being explored to identify mutants for GA20ox1 by reverse genetic approach of TILLING.

It is hypothesized that double knock-out GA20ox1 will produce desired semidwarf phenotype with improved coleoptile length, and seedling vigour suitable for stubble-retained conditions thereby helping conservation agriculture through reduced incidences of stubble burning.

ParimalVikhe, Suhasini Venkatesan, AjitChavan, ShubhadaTamhankar, RavindraPatil (2019) Mapping of dwarfing gene Rht14 in durum wheat and its effect on seedling vigor, internode length and plant height. THE CROP JOURNAL 7 (2019) 187–197.