Name : Smrithy Vijayan

Designation : CSIR-SRF

Brief Background :

I completed Masters in Botany and recipient of CSIR research fellowship. I joined PhD in 2017 under Dr. Mandar Datar. My specialisation is on cliff vegetation and its ecological studies of Northern Western Ghats.

Contact Details :,

  • MSc. Botany

Plant ecology, Plant taxonomy and Rock outcrop vegetation studies. I am currently working on the diversity and distribution of cliff flora of Northern Western Ghats.

Shigwan, B. K., Kulkarni, A., Vijayan, S., Choudhary, R. K., & Datar, M. N. (2020). An assessment of the local endemism of flowering plants in the northern Western Ghats and Konkan regions of India: checklist, habitat characteristics, distribution, and conservation. Phytotaxa440(1), 25-54.