Dr Tushar Kaushik

Name : Pravin Pawar

Designation : PhD Scholar, Project Associate

Brief Background :

Completed B.Sc. Horticulture and M.Sc. in Agriculture (Biotechnology) from Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli then I joined as a Project Associate on DBT-NBPGR funded project ARI/SP-310, at Experimental and Research Farm, Hol-Baramati and pursuing a PhD Biotechnology under the guidance of Dr Yashavantha Kumar in Genetics and Plant Breeding Group.

Contact Details :

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, and drought is a major threat, causing up to 70% yield loss, which needs to improve the water stress tolerance in wheat. Hence, we are evaluating a set of diverse wheat germplasm from NBPGR, New Delhi, with non-destructive image-based tools for their root, yield and quality-related traits.  

Also, the combination of field phenotyping and a molecular approach to identify the markers/QTL’s for drought-response/tolerance traits will contribute to the precise and fine-tuned selection of drought-tolerant genotypes for future wheat breeding program.