Dr Tushar Kaushik

Name : Payal Deshpande

Designation : Ph.D. Student (CSIR-SRF)

Brief Background :

After completing my M.Sc. degree in 2016, I cleared CSIR-NET exam for JRF with AIR 31. I joined ARI in 2017 and got registered for Ph.D. in June 2018.

Contact Details :


  • B.Sc. Industrial Microbiology (2011-2014,SPPU)

  • M.Sc. Microbiology (2014-2016, SPPU)

My core research interests are rice straw biomethanation, cultivation and maintenance of anaerobic fungi and fermenter scale studies.

Currently, I am working on enhancing the biomethanation of rice straw using anaerobic fungi as primary degraders.