Dr Tushar Kaushik

Name : Harikrishnan K

Designation : Junior Research Fellow (UGC)

Brief Background :

Completed Bachelor’s degree in Botany from Nirmalagiri College (Kannur University), followed by Master’s degree in Plant Science from Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Arts College (Pondicherry University). Qualified UGC-JRF in 2021 and GATE-XL in 2022. Joined as a JRF on a SERB sponsored project entitled “Unravelling the symbiosis of algal and fungal partners in lichen family Graphidaceae and Parmeliaceae from the Western Ghats through polyphasic taxonomic approach and ecological studies” at ARI Pune. Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Taxonomy of Aspergillus under the guidance of Dr Rajesh Kumar K.C.

Contact Details :

Modern Systematics of Aspergillus, Lichens, Polyphasic taxonomy, Phylogeny. He is currently working on modern systematics of genus Aspergillus from India and its applications.