Dr Tushar Kaushik

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Name : Dr. Pranav R. Kshirsagar

Designation : Scientist – D, Bioenergy Group

Brief Background :

Passionate chemical engineering with 12+ years of research experience. Expertise in designing of statistical based experiments for optimization of especially bioprocesses and nanoparticles synthesis. Strong background of designing of kinetics studies, mathematical modelling and simulations of chemical and bioprocesses. Engineering skill for design and development of processes and equipments.

Contact Details :


  • Chemical Engineering (BE, M.Tech.)
  • Interested in studying the statistical optimization, kinetics and mathematical modelling  and simulations, mass and energy balance, upscaling of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation processes, bioenergy, and techno-economic evaluation of processes

  • Sponsored projects, research contracts , strategic process development.
  • Consultancies and technical services to universities, institution and industries.
  • Training on analytical sophisticated instruments,  aerobic anaerobic fermentations, continuous centrifuge

Research Publications-11, Book Chapters-02, Cumulative impact factor- 40.158, ‘h’ index- 05, i10 index-05

  1. Deepa Shetty, Akshay Joshi,  Sumit Singh Dagar, Pranav Kshirsagar,  Prashant K. Dhakephalkar. Bioaugmentation of anaerobic fungus Orpinomyces joyonii boosts sustainable biomethanation of rice straw without pretreatment. Biomass and Bioenergy, 138, 105546.
  2. Anupama S. Engineer, Kunal K. Yadav, Pranav R. Kshirsagar, Prashant K. Dhakephalkar. 2020. A novel enantioselective, thermostable recombinant hydantoinase to aid the synthesis of industrially valuable non-proteinogenic amino acids. Enzyme microbial Technology,138, 109554, 1-8.
  3. Preeti Arora, Pranav.R. Kshirsagar , Dolly Pal Rana , Prashant K. Dhakephalkar. Hyperthermophilic Clostridium sp. N-4 produced a glycoprotein biosurfactant that enhanced recovery of residual oil at 96 °C in lab studies.Colloids and Surfaces B. Biointerfaces, 182. 110372.1-7.
  4. Singh, Tanya; Kshirsagar, Pranav R; Das, Anindita; Yadav, Kunal; Mallik, Sweta; Mascarenhas‐Pereira, MBL; Thomas, Tresa Remya A; Shivaramu, Mamatha S; LokaBharathi, PA; Khadge, NH. 2019. Implications of Microbial Thiosulfate Utilization in Red Clay Sediments of the Central Indian Basin: The Martian Analogy. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 20(2) 708-729.
  5. Anindita Das , Tanya Singh, P.A. LokaBharathi , Prashant K. Dhakephalkar , Sweta Mallik, Pranav R. Kshirsagar, N.H. Khadge , B. Nagender Nath et al. 2017. Astrobiological implications of dim light phototrophy in deep-sea red clays., Life Sciences in Space Research. 12, 39–50.
  6. Deepa J Shetty, Pranav Kshirsagar, Sneha Tapadia-Maheshwari, V Lanjekar, S K.Singh, P. K. Dhakephalkar*. 2017. “Alkali pretreatment at ambient temperature: A promising method to enhance biomethanation of rice straw.” Bioresource technology. 226: 80-88.
  7. Vasudeo P Zambare, Smita Nilegaonkar, Pranav Kshirsagar, PP Kanekar.2014. Scale up production of Protease using Pseudomonas aeruginosa MCM B-327 and its Detergent Compatibility. Journal of Biochemical Technology, 5(2) 698-707
  8. Kshirsagar, Pranav R; Kulkarni, Snehal O; Nilegaonkar, Smita S; Niveditha, M; Kanekar, Pradnya P. 2013. “Kinetics and model building for recovery of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) from Halomonas campisalis.” Separation and Purification Technology, 103, 151-160
  9. Kshirsagar, Pranav R; Suttar, Rahul; Nilegaonkar, Smita Shrikant; Pradhan, Snehal; Kanekar, Pradnya P. 2012. Scale up production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) at different aeration, agitation and controlled dissolved oxygen levels in fermenter using Halomonas campisalis MCM B-1027. Journal of Biochemical Technology, 4(1), 512-51
  10. Mishra, P. R. Kshirsagar, S. S. Nilegaonkar* and S. K. Singh. 2012. Statistical optimization of medium components for production of extracellular chitinase by Basidiobolus ranarum: a novel biocontrol agent against plant pathogenic fungi. Journal of Basic Microbiology. 52, 1-10
  11. Kulkarni, Snehal O; Kanekar, Pradnya P; Jog, Jyoti P; Patil, Prashant A; Nilegaonkar, Smita S; Sarnaik, Seema S; Kshirsagar, Pranav R. (2011). “Characterisation of copolymer, poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)(PHB-co-PHV) produced by Halomonas campisalis (MCM B-1027), its biodegradability and potential application.” Bioresource Technology 102(11): 6625-6628.