Dr. BhaskarCharan Behera

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Name : Dr. BhaskarCharan Behera

Designation : Scientist – E

Brief Background :

The major broad area of research is Biodiversity and Bioprospecting, includes Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, of lichen (a symbiotic organism in association with fungi and algae) and in the subarea of research includes: Tissue culture of lichens for establishing of culture collections towards conservation of germplasms, search of natural product from lichens and their biological activity profiling using in vitro/ in vivo system for their biomedical /pharmaceutical / food and nutraceutical applications.

Contact Details :

bcbehra@aripune.org, bcbehera2002@yahoo.co.in

+91-20-25325109  (Telephone)

+91-9423206060 (Cell Phone)

  • M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph D.

Plant Biotechnology, Biological activity screening of Secondary metabolites/ natural products / Pharmaceutical / Biomedical/ food and nutraceutical applications.