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Name : Dr. Ajit Chavan

Designation : Scientist – D & In-charge, Hol farm

Brief Background :

Joined as Agricultural Assistant in ICAR-Wheat project at MACS-ARI Hol farm in 1983 after graduation.  Passed M.Sc. in Botany from Pune university with research work on durum wheat. Working as Farm In-charge since the year 2006. In this period thirteen wheat, eight soybean and one grape varieties are released through national programme.

Contact Details :


  • M.Sc. (Botany)
  • Wheat breeding: Development of high yielding and agronomically superior new wheat varieties for different environments through breeding in the background of aestivum, durum and dicoccum species.
  • Study of alternate semi dwarfing genes in durum wheat:Changing pattern of climate adversely affects the wheat crop in India. It is necessary to develop the lines which will resist the stress. Extensively used semi dwarfing gene Rht B1b and Rht D1b, possess short coleoptileswith less emergence under semiarid condition. In this context, there is need to develop genotypes having long coleoptile using diverse sources of dwarfing genes. These will tolerate the water stress condition by better emergence and ability to fetch water from depth. Physiological tools may play an important role in screening of the genotypes. Root parameter study will be helpful for choice of better types.
  • Maintenance and use of diverse germplasm in wheat breeding:There is need to utilize the wheat species, local accessions and germplasm in breeding programme to broaden the genetic base. It will be helpful to incorporate new sources of disease resistance, better quality and sturdiness in present cultivars.
  • Extension of MACS crop varieties of wheat, soybean and grape:The government emphasis on the need to supply the pure and quality seed to farmer. In this regard, we can strengthen our breeder seed programme of wheat and soybean varieties to enhance production. Use of new varieties and latest technology will be helpful for the farmers. Conduct of demonstrations and training to the farmers and students in coordination with government agencies and other organizations will benefit to achieve high productivity.
  • Efficient farm management : Use of proper agronomic practices, convenient techniques and timely monitoring  at field level to get better work output in minimum expenses.

  1. MACS 4058, biofortified durum wheat variety notified for RI conditions of PZ in year 2020.
  2. MACS 4028, bifortified durum wheat variety notified for RF conditions of PZ in year 2018.
  3. MACS 3949, durum wheat variety for TSIR conditions of PZ in year 2017.
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  5. ParimalVikhe, RavindraPatil, AjitChavan, Manoj Oak, ShubhadaTamhankar (2017) Mapping gibberellin-sensitive dwarfing locus Rht18 in durum wheat and development of SSR and SNP markers for selection in breeding. Molecular Breeding 37: 28 Pages 1-10
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