Dr Tushar Kaushik

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Name : Dr. Gargee Pandit nee Gayatri Chitale

Designation : DST/Women Scientist- WOS-A

Brief Background :

Phd in Botany-Lichens from ARI; M.Sc. Botany-Specialization in Algae from Pune University. Started my research career as a “research student” after joining the All India Coordinated Project on Taxonomy (AICOPTAX-Lichens project funded by MoE&F from 2001 until 2010). 

As Research Associate -ARI project on tissue culture in 2011-2012

awarded the Young Scientist Project DST-SERB from 2013–2016.

I taught students at the Msc and BSc levels in various colleges, and biology at the junior college for three years.

Additional languages studied included German and French.

Currently working on Lichens at ARI-Bioprospecting group as DST-Women Scientist (WOS-A)

Contact Details :

gargee.pandit@gmail.com; gargeepandit@aripune.org


Lichen taxonomy and ecology: I am interested in the lichen diversity on basalt and ferricrete rock outcrops of the Northern Western Ghats, India.

Currently working on finding the metal contents of the lichen samples at the plateus, both mined and unmined ones