Dr Tushar Kaushik
Name : Abdul Rahman

Designation : Administrative Officer-C

Job Description :

Responsible for the overall administration and management of the institute, ensuring the smooth functioning of various administrative processes, maintaining discipline, handling legal matters, and overseeing day-to-day operations within the legal framework set by the Government as per rules.

Human resources management, recruitment and selection of staff, overseeing employee contracts, managing performance appraisals and handling personnel issues.

Liaison with various stakeholders, including government departments, regulatory bodies, funding agencies, and the public. Represent the institute in meetings, conferences, and events and maintain positive relationships with external agencies.

Contribute to developing and implementing institutional policies, procedures and guidelines. Actively participate in strategic planning and initiatives to enhance the institute’s performance and effectiveness. Identifying areas for improvement, proposing solutions, and implementing changes to optimize operations.

  • M.Com, PGDPM&IR, M.A (PM&IR), PGDCA,
  • SAS Qualified from Organised Accounts Service, CGDA [Ministry Defence (Finance)]