Nanobioscience group has concentrated its activities in different areas viz., Biomimetics, Nanomedicine, Microfabrication and nanotechnology in agriculture and environment.
Research in biomimetics focuses on bio-inspired structures, materials and processes. Understanding and mimicking biological phenomena such as sensing and actuation, transport of fluids in plant and animal cells, gating of molecules across transporters, biological adhesives, patterning, preservation of macromolecules and tissue organization are some of the areas of current interest.
In the field of nanomedicine efforts are directed towards diagnostics, drug delivery & therapeutics.

Currently research is being carried out in the following areas:

  • Dextran-coated lanthanum strontium-manganese oxide (LSMO) nanoparticles for treatment of cancers by targeted hyperthermia.
  • Zinc oxide nanoparticles as therapeutic agents for Type I and Type II diabetes.
  • Use of nanoparticles for delivery of peptides for possible treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Novel dendrimer mediated drug delivery to tumours.
  • Development of multitalented nano-platform for targeted siRNA delivery to breast cancer cells
  • Development of vaccine delivery agents for viral diseases.
  • Understanding molecular mechanisms of virus replication and pathogenesis of Chikungunya virus and Hepatitis E virus.

Our ongoing work in the area of nanotechnology in agriculture are:

  • Enhancing use efficiency of micronutrients using novel nano delivery systems.
  • Development of environmentally benign nanomaterial-based enzyme formulations for biocontrol of plant pathogens and pests.
  • Control of fruit pathogens using nanoformulations.
  • Nanomaterials treatment to seeds for enhancing germination efficiency in medicinal trees.
  • Delivery of dsRNA-nanoparticles for insect pest control.

We are actively involved in micro fabrication especially in the area of microfluidics. Current projects being carried out are as follows:

  • Portable devices for the rapid detection of human & animal pathogens and food contaminants.
  • Nanostructures and scaffolds in tissue engineering.
  • Development of disposable on-chip real time PCR device.
  • Fabrication of microreactors for separation and purification of nanoparticles.