Dr. Karthick Balasubramanian

Dr. Karthick Balasubramanian,
Scientist ‘D’

Research Interests: Diatoms Diversity and Distributions (D3) Lab interested in testing ideas describing ecological and evolutionary processes responsible for current diversity and distribution of diatoms in Indian subcontinent.

Email: karthickbala@aripune.org


  • M.Sc in Environmental Science (Bharathidasan University)
  • Ph. D in Botany (University of Mysore)

Scientific Career

  • Post Doctoral Fellow at North West University, Potchefstroom. South Africa (2013)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Colorado at Boulder, USA (2011-2012)
  • Research Associate at Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2011)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Colorado at Boulder, USA (2010-2011)
  • Project Assistant at Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2005 – 2010)


  • National Geographic Society Exploration Grant (2012)
  • Small Grant – Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Bangalore (2010)
  • Department of Science and Technology, Young Scientist Travel Grant (2009 and 2014)

  • Diatoms are unicellular, microscopic algae of the class Bacillariophyceae and they thrive in freshwater and marine environment. Currently our lab focusing on evolution of freshwater diatoms in two ancient mountain systems, Western and Eastern Ghats of Peninsular India. Current research projects include studies of diversity of endemic diatoms from semiaquatic habitats of Western Ghats and phylogeny and biogeography of Gomphonemoid diatoms from Indian Peninsular. Much of our work is performed in the context of taxonomy and species response to environmental change, using approaches that span from classical taxonomy to landscape ecology, biogeography and phylogeny.Further we employ our expertise in diatom taxonomy and ecology to develop approaches for solving environmental problems, such as water pollution. We use diatoms as biomonitoring tool in Indian rivers to detect pollution levels. Diatoms satisfy all the conditions to qualify as suitable water quality indicators as they are simple, capable of quantifying changes in water quality and applicable over large geographic areas.

    Our lab also explores diatoms for biofuel and other compounds for medical and environmental applications.

Current Project:

  • 1. Semi-aquatic Diatoms of Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats, India.
  • 2. Freshwater Diatom Diversity of Peninsular India.

Funding and Collaborators:

  • Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
  • Prof. John Patrick Kociolek, Director, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado at Boulder. USA
  • Dr. Jonathan C. Taylor, South African National Diatom Collection. North West University, Potchefstroom. South Africa.
  • Dr. Paul B Hamilton, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.


Selected publication (2016 Onwards)


1. Vini Lokhande, Radhakrishnan, C, Patrick J Kociolek, Rex Lowe & B. Karthick* (2020). The Diatom Genus Luticola (Bacillariophyceae) in the Western Ghats of India. Description of Eight New Species, Systematics, and Comments on the Biogeography of the Genus. In revision in European Journal of Phycology. https://doi.org/10.1080/09670262.2020.1783460.
2. Radhakrishnan C, Das SK, Kociolek JP, & B. Karthick* (2020). A new freshwater Gomphonema Ehrenberg (Bacillariophyta) species from Eastern Himalayas, India. Fottea 20 (2): 128-136. DOI: 10.5507/fot.2020.003.
3. Vigneshwaran A, Wetzel C, Williams DM and Karthick, B* (2020). A re-description of Fragilaria fonticola Hustedt and its varieties, with three new combinations and one new species from India. Phytotaxa 453(3): 179-198. DOI: https://doi.org/10.11646/phytotaxa.453.3.2
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7. Chintan Bhatt & B. Karthick* (2020) A new aerophilic species of the genus Diploneis (Bacillariophyta) from the Mawsmai cave of Meghalaya, Northeast India. Phytotaxa 443 (1): 067–078. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/phytotaxa.443.1.6
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