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    ICAR-IIWBR Annual Wheat Workshop, 2018

    Memento for ARI variety MACS 4028 received on behalf of ARI from the hands of Hon. Governor Jharkhand state, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu. On this occasion of ICAR-IIWBR Annual Wheat Workshop 2018, DARE, DG. ICAR, Vice Chancellor BAU, Ranchi and Director IIWBR were also present.

    Salient Features of variety MACS 4028 (d)
    MACS 4028 has shown superior and stable yielding ability (19.3 q/ha) under timely sown rainfed conditions in Peninsular Zone than check AKDW 2997-16 (16.2 q/ha) and latest check UAS 446 (16.2 q/ha).

    Recommended Cultivation States: Maharashtra and Karnataka

    • MACS 4028 recorded 19.1% overall yield advantage than checks AKDW 2997-16 and UAS 446.
    • MACS 4028 has shown high degree of resistance against stem and leaf rusts under both natural and artificial screening conditions. Proposed genotype is showing seedling resistance to stem rust pathotypes and good level of resistance to foliar aphids, root aphids and brown wheat mites.
    • MACS 4028 showed early flowering 53 days (51-55), early maturity 102 days (99-105) and semi-dwarf 75 cm (72-77).
    • MACS 4028 has bold & lustrous grain with 47g 1000-grain weight and very high protein content (14.7 %), better nutritional quality (Zinc 40.3 ppm, Iron 46.1 ppm) with good milling quality (Test weight 81.6 kg/hl) and highest overall acceptability 6.75 (best cooking quality for pasta product out of 9).


    Republic Day, 2018


    Founder’s Day Function, 18th Nov. 2017





    Dr. GB Deodikar Memorial Oration, Prof. Nitin R Karmalkar and Dr. GB Joshi Memorial Oration, Dr. K V PRABHU – 17th Nov. 2017







    Public Outreach Day




    Independence Day celebration – at ARI


    National Workshop

    National Tech Day 2016

    3rd February 2016