Institutional Repository

AS per the guidelines of DBT/DST open access policy the Library and Information Centre is in process of establishing institutional open access repository (“IR”) for its research papers and review articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

How to login to ARI institutional repository –

    • You will find the link at the bottom of this page as “ARI Institutional Repository”.
    • You need to click on the link “ARI Institutional Repository” to get access to the database of ARI Research Publications.
    • The Home page of “ARI Institutional Repository” will get displayed as shown below.

  • Please enter the Login: guest and Password : guest123
  • Select the option “ARI Research Publications” to search the Institutional Repository.
  • Select the desired keyword like author, year, title etc. to search the IR.
  • A list of research papers with bibliographic details will be displayed.
  • Browse the research papers as displayed on the screen.
  • Select the down load option to get a pdf copy of the article, if available. Otherwise, send reprint request to
  • Advanced search option is available for more precise and accurate results.
  • You can select “Log Out” to come out of IR sysytem

ARI Institutional Repository

For any information regarding “Institutional Repository” email to